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Every year over 4 million Canadians receive chiropractic care.

Chiropractors believe in whole body wellness. Wellness means many things to different people. To your chiropractor, wellness is the state of health where your body is free of interruption or interference to any part of your nervous system, enabling you to fully express and enjoy life.

Office hours:

Mon: 7am-12pm  Athabasca
     2pm-5pm   Wabasca
Tue: 7am-5pm   Athabasca
Wed: 7am-5pm   Athabasca
     2pm-5pm   Wabasca
Thu: 7am-5pm   Athabasca
Fri: 7am-5pm   Athabasca
Sat: 7am-12pm  Athabasca
Sun: Closed

Dr. Kurt Deutscher's office is conveniently located in downtown Athabasca. Dr. Deutscher also is now practicing twice weekly in Wabasca, located at the Golden Opportunity Clinic!

One of the best ways to avoid back pain is through a number of simple exercises listed below:

  • Lie on your back with knees bent.
  • Do a pelvic tilt by tightening up your seat and stomach muscles, and push the small of your back into the floor.  Hold and count to 5.  Relax.
  • Do sit-ups by tucking your chin to your chest and reaching with hands towards knees, slightly lifting up your head and shoulders.
  • Pull alternate knees to your chest and stretch your lower back.
  • Pull both knees to your chest and hold. This gives a good stretch to the lower back.
  • Roll your knees from side to side.  Keep knees together.
  • While lying down, have your knees bent and feet on the ground (same width of hips). Lift your buttocks high. Try to create a straight line with your trunk and upper legs.
  • If any of these exercises cause pain, omit the exercise and talk to your chiropractor.

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